D-Stacker Sliding Door

D-Stacker Sliding Door

Sliding doors have earned a reputation as the most versatile and practical door type for access to decks and patios. They also score highly for delivering expansive views while remaining cost effective. Series 542 Sliders can be specified in a range of configurations with two-panel sliders and three-panel stacking systems very popular.

Key Features

  • High water resistance of 300Pa allows these doors to be installed into most residential locations.
  • This door can be fabricated as a multi panel stacker with clean flat sill where all unwanted recess are closed off with snap-on fillers. We have a stacking screen door system to go with the glass doors.
  • The 108.60mm wide perimeter frame will couple to a large variety of Vantage adaptors:180°door to window vertical coupler, 135° door to window bay coupler, 90° door to window bay coupler, door highlight couplers.
  • Flat external fillers create a clean closed off frame appearance. On the sill the infills guide water away from the door panels and improve water resistance.
  • Door panels can be glazed with thick or insulating glass. We have dedicated stiles for glass up to 16mm thick and an inlay adaptor to accept 20mm Insulating glass units.
  • A large variety of locks are available including multi-point mortice lock.
  • Heavy door panels can be fitted with double bogey wheels for smooth long term operation. Running rails can be replaced in the future if necessary.

The item that get the most use on a residential sliding door is the screen door. With this in mind we have designed a screen door system to suit, the main features are:

Screen Features

  • Heavy duty spring loaded wheels top and bottom.
  • Snap fit trailing style interlocker, refer back page.
  • Matching hardware.